AniCura in brief

AniCura is a leading European provider of high-quality veterinary care for companion animals.

AniCura is a family of well-known animal hospitals and clinics specialised in veterinary care for companion animals. Born out of the idea that sharing resources creates opportunities for better veterinary care, the company was established in 2011 as the first merger of companion animal hospitals in the Nordic region.

Today, AniCura is a role model within specialised veterinary care and
a valued partner for pet owners and referring veterinarians across Europe. Since 2018, AniCura is part of Mars Veterinary Health, a family-owned company focused on veterinary care and pet nutrition. Mars Petcare’s purpose is to create A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.


AniCura offers a wide range of highquality medical services covering preventive and basic health care as well as advanced diagnostics, internal medicine, intensive care, surgery and orthopaedics. AniCura also provides rehabilitation, physiotherapy and dietary advice and offers selected pet food and care products.

AniCura provides modern, high-quality veterinary care for pets at 350 European locations and creates peace of mind for pet owners through excellent access and patient safety. Every year, AniCura’s 7,500 passionate veterinary professionals attend to three million companion animal patients. AniCura is a trusted training and referral body.


At AniCura, most decisions are taken locally, close to the patients and customers. On country and group level, functions within for example HR, IT, marketing, veterinary quality and administration provide support to clinics. Our vision, values and medical quality, program ensures a joint direction and structured quality development.


Investments in improving medical quality and patient safety through
education, research, equipment and premises are significant.
The company stands for a large part of the round-the-clock emergency care availability in Europe. Direct and indirect job creation in the veterinary industry and adjacent sectors form an important part of AniCura’s value creation.