Focus on people

Year 2020 has showed that strong company values are fundamental in a crisis.

Stronger together

AniCura’s values course for employees was transformed to a digital format and also adapted to all relevant languages. Each one of AniCura’s values TOGETHER, RESPONSIBILITY & INITIATIVE, CARE & COMPASSION, EXPERTISE & DEVELOPMENT and HONEST & OPEN proved especially Year 2020 has showed that strong company values are fundamental in a crisis. important this year and has certainly played a role in forming AniCura’s
corporate culture.

Early in the pandemic, employees were encouraged to work together and collaborate among clinics with hygiene issues as well as with colleagues when clinics suffered with significant sick leave.

To support the employees that needed to stay at home due to COVID-19 or suspected symptoms, a 100% illness compensation during the first two weeks of sick leave, was implemented. An extended period of care leave for caregivers was also implemented.

To manage any anxiety due to the situation, a phone services with psychological support was made available for

These early actions helped relieve the initial stress for our employees in the beginning of the pandemic.

The collaborative spirit at AniCura was high throughout 2020. Standing stronger together resulted in innovative solutions and initiatives at AniCura’s hospital and clinics across Europe.

Employer of Choice

Since 2015, AniCura has conducted an annual engagement survey.

Based on the result for each team, each manager at AniCura works with his or her team and creates an action plan for the coming year. The employee survey for 2020 shows high employee engagement across AniCura, high customer focus and strong willingness to help each other and cooperate. The survey also showed that teams that actively worked with their action plans from the previous year, had a 50% higher engagement this year. 86% of the employees feel proud of working at AniCura. Our strong culture forms a core part of AniCura’s identity as an employer. AniCura’s aim is to be the employer of choice in the veterinary care industry. AniCura will continue to build a strong sense of togetherness and invest in the company culture.


COVID -19 Initiatives

Webinairs on facebook

AniCura Djursjukhuset Albano arranged two live webinars on their Facebook page about dental care for dogs and cats. Over 300 pet owners attended during the livestream. The webinars have generated thousands of views afterwards

Outside waiting rooms

Several clinics created outside waiting rooms to enable social distancing.

Donating ventilators

AniCura Spain donated four ventilators to be used for human healthchare.

Digital webinars initaly

AniCura Italy created webinars where senior veterinarians shared knowledge around emergency care to colleagues. 500 people attended in 17 lessons performed live. The sessions were recorded and can be viewed by all employees.

Thank you videos

AniCura DACH created a special “Thank you” video to all employees. The videos were also shared externally on social media. The video received lots of likes and love.