Medical quality at AniCura - QualiCura

AniCura established its medical quality development program – QualiCura – in 2015. The purpose of the program is to increase patient safety and to improve medical outcome.

Nine focus areas were identified as important to fulfil the program’s dual purpose:

  • Encouraging professional development and specialisation
  • Creating and sharing medical best practices
  • Improving professional communications skills
  • Providing reliable diagnostic medicine
  • Ensuring wiser antimicrobial use
  • Monitoring surgical site infections
  • Securing proper infection prevention and control
  • Enabling good incident handling
  • Promoting patient medical record quality

The work within each of these nine focus areas during 2020 is covered in this report.


QualiCura is focused on implementation and achieving actual change at AniCura’s clinics. Several processes support the local implementation of quality improvements:

  • QualiCura visits: The veterinary medical quality team perform quality-oriented visits to all new clinics joining AniCura. The purpose is to establish a relationship and understand clinic specific quality improvement plans and challenges. The team also re-visits clinics in need of additional support.
  • QualiCura studies: Data-driven, quarterly surveys enabling unique comparison and knowledge transfer across clinics and countries.
  • Role models: After each QualiCura study, “role model” clinics are identified to share clinically proven examples of improvements. Their work is presented under each focus area.


To support clinics and drive positive change, AniCura has dedicated resources to develop veterinary medicine and quality.

  • Quality coordinators: Each AniCura clinic appoints a “QualiCura coordinator” responsible for the clinic’s quality improvement processes and communication. This person can also be the coordinator of infections prevention and control activities in the clinic.
  • AniCura’s Scientific Council: The council consists of merited veterinary researchers from AniCura and universities and allocates funds from AniCura’s Research Fund.