AniCura 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, AniCura proved the importance of strong company values and we saw many initiatives by our employees.


AniCura Scientific Ski meeting in Italy with focus on “Thoracic diseases in dogs and cats”.


AniCura Survey on Continuing education and Career pathing with more than 500 respondents, show that courses and programmes in advanced general practice, surgery, anaesthesiology and emergency and critical care are of most importance


COVID-19 demands new ways of working to deliver the best care to patients and keep our employees safe.

Belgium welcome its first clinic in Randstad which is now a member of the AniCura family.


New QualiCura results on surgical site infections.


AniCura Medical Interest Group Congress 2020 offers 16 online interactive courses.


New QualiCura results on dress code, personal appearance, and laundry routines.

The doors to a new AniCura Animal Hospital Oslo, Norway opens.


For the first time a survey on Professional communication is conducted within QualiCura First round of mentors in the AniCura Graduate Programme, get a 3-day mentorship training.


AniCura Continuing Education (ACE) launches the first fully online courses using digital tools and platforms.


AniCura’s new animal hospital in Jönköping opens. The 3,700 square meter animal hospital is one of the largest in the country.

Kick-off of the 2-year AniCura Graduate Programme with 23
participants from six countries.


For the fifth year in a row, systemic antibiotic use is investigated in Q4.

AniCura Spain launches a social fund, helping people affected by Covid-19, and need specialized veterinary care for their pets.



AniCura Talk is launched – as an online broadcast from Stockholm including a quarterly business update and veterinary medicine special.