AniCura Cardiology Knowledge Sharing programme in Sweden

Traditionally, continuing education in veterinary cardiology has been provided through courses, congresses, and in-clinic education. A combination of these modalities with a specialist providing immediate feedback and guidance in the clinical setting is ideal.

In 2019, AniCura Sweden and Mark Dirven, initiated the very first steps of a Cardiology Knowledge Sharing programme to further increase the quality of care for cardiology patients. Based in the original inititative, AniCura Sweden launched a pilot programme, running over 2020. The programme is intended for veterinarians eager to advance their knowledge, competence and confidence in managing cardiology cases.

Mark Driven is a European Specialist in companion animal cardiology (diplomate ECVIM-CA cardiology) based at AniCura Djursjukhuset Albano, Sweden.

The programme comprises three types of knowledge sharing:

  • Onsite support of a specialist with patients: possibility of working with the specialist locally and with local patient cases.
  • Long distance interactions with online educational materials, updates on cardiology news and groupd discussions.
  • Group knowledge sharing: Collaborative group activities providing a “cardiology network” with easy access for support