AniCura graduate programme for veterinarians

The AniCura Graduate Programme, an immersive two year development programme, is offerering a practical and comprehensive transition from university to rewarding work in practice.

AniCura is comitted to give new veterinarians the best possible start in their professional careers - securing the transition from studies to work life. While working at AniCura and participating in the programme, the participants will develop both medical and non-medical skills with practice based mentoring and support. The programme is offered in all 13 European countries that AniCura is present.

First experiences from the Graduate Programme

Kim De Rooij, participant in AniCura Graduate Programme 2020

Are you happy to be in the Graduate Programme?

My initial reaction was “what a great opportunity” I can’t wish for a better start at the beginning of my career.

Any worries at first?

Will it work to participate in an international group? Will I be able to combine the programme with my work in the clinic? The agreement with my mentor was clear and I was well informed by the Graduate Programme team on expectations which helped a lot.

First experiences?

The structure and format of the programme works very well for me. The interaction between European colleagues, sharing our experiences, concerns and cases, together with specialists is very supportive

Can you recommend the programme to your colleagues?

Yes, I would recommend the Graduate Programme. It contributes to your personal development and helps you to build more self-confidence, which will enable you to work more independently going forward. The programme also offers the opportunity to expand your communication skills, thereby reducing miscommunications with customers and colleagues to a minimum.

Should as many people as possible participate in the programme? What about mentors?

Yes, especially a starting veterinarian that lack experience. My advice to clinics it to find a motivated mentor. Mentors also receive coahing and specific mentor training, partly scheduled together with graduates. You are not alone as a mentor.