Ways of Working

AniCura strongly believes that employees make the difference and lead the way to operational excellence. Employees are empowered to take an active part in real time management and to expose and address problems. The end-toend patient journey and customer experience is the purpose of all improvements.

A new concept named AniCura Ways of Working (WoW) was developed and piloted in 2019. To date 48 clinics are in transformation, adding many more next year. The ambition is to implement WoW in all clinics by 2023.

”Employees make the difference and lead the way to operational excellence”



AniCura Regiondjursjukhuset Bagarmossen in Sweden, was one of the first clinics to start adopting WoW. The leadership team and ambassadors have trained in real time management and problem solving and has made more than 550 improvements.

Over 150 improvements were in the emergency department. For example, enhancement in matching capacity and patient inflow that shortened waiting time for patients. A more optimized scheduling allowed for more number of operations with the same level of staff. The clinic also noticed reduced stress levels among employees. One of the most important outcomes is that employees feel more engaged - key to attract and retain talents. This has been verified in AniCura’s employee satisfaction survey.