10 Years of Shaping the Future of Veterinary Care

AniCura was born out of the idea that sharing resources creates opportunities for better veterinary care. 10 years later, we have grown into one of Europe’s leading veterinary care providers with 9,500 Associates* who provide modern, high-quality veterinary care for 3.3 million pets annually.

In 2018, AniCura joined Mars Petcare, a family owned company focused on veterinary care and pet nutrition, uniting our team of passionate professionals under a shared purpose: 

It is with a great sense of pride that AniCura can look back over a decade of shaping the future of veterinary care. Veterinary care has evolved significantly with more advanced diagnostics and treatment procedures. In parallel, the pet population has increased, and with that, the expectations of pet owners.

AniCura has issued an annual report specifying our company’s developments in quality and sustainability since 2015. In our 7th edition of the Quality and Sustainability Report this year, we are pleased to highlight several initiatives that drive change, improvements, and knowledge within our company—many of which are being spearheaded by our passionate and innovative Associates.

These local actions all support the important step forward that we took during 2021 - the AniCura Sustainability Roadmap for a Healthy Planet that we are developing together with Mars Veterinary Health. Another long-term activity is our fight against global antimicrobial resistance. For the 6th consecutive year, we have been measuring our use of systemic antibiotics. We are persistently progressing towards our goal of no more than 5% of patients on systemic antibiotics by 2030, while still providing the vital care pet patients need when they need it. Thus, helping reduce antibiotic resistance and preserving the usefulness of the current range of antibiotics for years to come.

The COVID-19 pandemic still affects society at large, and it has accelerated the way we support the health and wellbeing of veterinary professionals. As part of Mars Veterinary Health, protecting the safety of our Associates in our clinics and labs was our top priority, including expanded pay and benefits to help them care for themselves and their families in COVID-19 related circumstances.

In 2020, social distancing and advanced hygienic measures were quickly implemented across all 2,500 Mars Veterinary Health veterinary clinics and labs around the world, including AniCura. We need to understand our Associate experiences from the pandemic, as well as the AniCura digital platform’s critical role in facilitating collaboration going forward.

We also need to develop more preventive health care opportunities and solutions, like AniPlan and AniCura’s App – services that proved very successful in 2021.
AniCura’s ambition is to be a great place to work for veterinary professionals industry-wide. We can only reach that goal if we have great leaders, engaged Associates, and high-quality medical standards. As we keep growing and evolving, we will focus even more on improving our sustainability efforts through care for people, pets, and the planet, and strive to become an industry leader. Developing our mutual ecosystem together with Mars Veterinary Health and Mars Petcare, AniCura couldn’t be more excited for the next decade to come. Improving our sustainability efforts for the health and wellbeing of people, pets and the planet.

Azita Shariati, Group CEO, AniCura

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