People, Pets & Planet: Mars Veterinary Health’s Sustainability Approach

Mars Veterinary Health seeks to combine our scientific knowledge, experience, and scale to advance the veterinary profession through care for people, pets and the planet.
As part of the Mars Sustainable in a Generation Plan, we’re integrating sustainability into the heart of our business and driving sustainable practices to improve our impact across Mars Veterinary Health.

Our ambition is to find new and better ways to meaningfully improve the lives of people who are dedicated to pets, expand preventive care and access to our veterinary services, and reduce our environmental impact in line with what science says is needed to help keep the planet healthy. While the veterinary industry brings many positive benefits to society by helping keep our pets healthy and happy, it also brings environmental and social impacts that we have a responsibility to limit.

For example, single-use medical supplies and packaging can create significant waste in pet hospitals and greenhouse gas emissions from hospital electricity, anesthesia and transportation contribute to climate change. Further, the overuse of antibiotics contributes to antimicrobial resistance that negatively impacts both pets and humans. When it comes to the sustainability of the veterinary profession, we also see challenges for veterinary professionals themselves in prioritizing health and wellbeing and fostering equal, inclusive and diverse workplaces.
Mars Veterinary Health is investing in these impact areas and is taking a business-wide approach to sustainability at AniCura. AniCura’s efforts in sustainability, such as the work to protect the efficacy of antimicrobials and reduce waste through chemical-free cleaning, are great examples of taking action on our sustainability ambitions.

To solve the complex and urgent sustainability challenges we face today, we will need collaboration and innovation. AniCura’s work across sustainability issues is helping to guide the way forward and we commend them for their great work. We hope AniCura and Mars Veterinary Health’s work in sustainability in the years ahead will provide a guiding light for the rest of the industry.


”The ambition is to be a driving force in developing veterinary care on a global scale“
Margo Mosher, Global Director of Sustainability, Mars Veterinary Health