An AniCura Academy for Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care

High theoretical and practical competencies within the area of emergency and critical care (ECC) are crucial for patient safety and work satisfaction. To improve in this area, AniCura Italy started an ECC project focusing on training courses with specialists.

The project offers:

  • an agreement certified by an external body,
  • support from a senior tutor,
  • twelve months of theory studies, and on-site training in both referral and primary care facilities.

The training is aimed at newly qualified veterinarians who want to specialize in emergency medicine and intensive care. The emergency room of a clinic offers an exceptionally rich, complex, and stressful environment, where quick reactions, rapid decision-making, and treatment of severely injured or diseased pets are crucial.
Participating veterinarians rotate in the clinic’s emergency department and intensive care unit.
The main topics in this project are: organization of emergency 
department, pet owner communication, emergency imaging diagnostics, interpretation of laboratory tests, stabilization and monitoring of critically ill patients and emergency treatment.