AniCura Continuing Education

AniCura Continuing Education - More Easily Accessible for All Associates
New educational arrangements have been successfully introduced due to the pandemic.

AniCura Continuing Education (ACE) is AniCura’s concept for education and professional development. Theoretical online education offers the benefit of higher accessibility to Associates throughout Europe. The focus for ACE in 2021 was advanced and first day competencies in anesthesia, internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, and emergency care, among much else. ACE courses, in total 14, had participants from twelve AniCura markets and received five different national accreditations.
In line with AniCura’s aim to become the “Employer of Choice”, AniCura’s leadership team has decided to offer AniCura Continuing Education for free to Associates. AniCura’s practice managers guide Associates to relevant courses and programs based on annual performance reviews.