AniCura Graduate Program for Newly Graduated Veterinarians

To increase knowledge and self-confidence, AniCura offers a two-year program for newly graduated veterinarians. In addition, the program aims for decreased stress levels and improved work satisfaction.

In order to offer the educational pathways that set veterinarians up for long-term career success, AniCura offers an attractive high-quality two-year program for newly graduated veterinarians. It is a robust and immersive development program which combines learning modules in both clinical and professional skills with practice-based mentoring and support.

The purpose of the AniCura Graduate program is to offer a smooth transition for newly graduated veterinarians from university to workplace. The program supports the veterinarians and develops the right capabilities at the start of their careers and make them feel secure and confident working in clinics. In 2021, 100 veterinarians started the program and the first graduation will take place in the spring of 2022.