AniCura Medical Interest Groups Play an Important Role in Knowledge Sharing

AniCura was born out of the concept of knowledge sharing and, since its inception, its medical interest groups have been vital to AniCura’s Associates. During the pandemic, AniCura’s digital platforms assumed a critical role in facilitating collaboration.

The AniCura Medical Interest Groups (MIGs) are part of the building blocks upon which AniCura was founded. They facilitate collaboration and sharing of best practices. Support from colleagues and knowledge-sharing became more important than ever in the COVID pandemic and the MIG structure with existing digital internal communications channels proved vital as effective networking tools.
Two new interest groups were formed in 2021: MIG Nutrition and MIG Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine. AniCura now has 20 MIGs which are open to all AniCura Associates to discuss and analyze clinical cases, diagnostics, treatments as well as new research in digital meetings and journal clubs.

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