AniCura the Netherlands Meets the Demand of Specialized Care

Advancements in veterinary care have increased in recent years and the need for specialized veterinarians is urgent. AniCura the Netherlands has solved this challenge by initiating a training program.
Yara Roelen, resident, and Jenny Buijtels, PhD, Diplomate, are part of the program.

The Netherlands has more than 200 European diplomates. A diplomate in this context is a veterinarian with an accredited specialization in a specific field such as surgery, imaging, dermatology and so on. To become a diplomate, a veterinarian must undergo an intensive training program in the area in which they are specializing, a so-called residency program. The program takes at least three years and is supervised by a diplomate in the specific field.

There is a high demand for specialized care and there is a shortage of specialized veterinarians. To contribute to a solution, four AniCura clinics in the Netherlands are now offering residency programs for veterinarians to become diplomates. With this initiative, the number of residencies grew from one in 2019 to fifteen in 2021.