AniCura Ways of Working – Improving Together

AniCura Ways of Working (WoW) is a system for continuous improvements at AniCura. The purpose is to enable our operations to continuously improve by applying principles, methods and behaviors based on the Lean philosophy.

As WoW is applicable to any kind of improvement, it creates sustainability in the areas of finance, people and environment. The following examples illustrate WoW progress across Europe.

How to Increase Employee Satisfaction
“Was it a good day today?” “Add a smiley or, if it was a bad day, tell us why”
Associates at AniCura NordVet in France are encouraged to provide daily feedback by simply putting a green, yellow, or red smiley on the whiteboard. The only rule is for red smileys, which must include a sticky note elaborating on the negative experience that day.
In summary, a simple system for Associates to influence and improve daily operations. After one year, overall employee turnover has decreased, thus increasing stability and creating a more sustainable workplace.

"After 3 months and solving hundreds of daily problems, the number of green smileys had increased by 40% and the number of red smileys decreased by 25%!"
Veronique Arnoux, veterinarian at AniCura NordVet, France


AniCura the Netherlands Focused on Patient Safety
The daily pulse meeting is one of the key methods of WoW and aims at improving communication, team performance and patient flow. Every patient-related improvement can also improve patient safety. Consequently, several clinics started to gather patient safety incidents on the pulse meeting board to facilitate detection of issues and implement immediate action. In addition, all incidents are registered in the AniCura Patient Safety Improvement System (APSIS).