Balance Through Wellbeing and Support

AniCura wants to create a culture that focuses on the health and wellbeing of Associates as well as a good work-life balance.
The following initiatives highlight AniCura’s main efforts in this area:

AniCura Germany introduced more sustainable ways of commuting.
During the pandemic more and more people started to commute in new ways. For example, bicycling has become a popular way to travel. AniCura Germany offered environmentally friendly and healthy alternatives for commuting to all Associates. Bicycle commuting also helps decrease AniCura Germany’s carbon footprint. The Associate could choose from three different type of bikes: a regular, an electric, or a cargo bicycle. The bicycle can be leased for three years after which the Associate can replace the bicycle in a new lease contract or purchase the previous bike at a discount.

AniCura Iberia and Russia offered free counsellor support for all Associates and their family members
AniCura Iberia and Russia have introduced an Associate Assistance Program to help all Associates achieve balance and wellbeing in life. Associates gain access to a 24/7 and 365 days-a-year counsellor service free of charge. Counseling is offered on a wide range of work and personal issues such as improving relationships, parenting, care for the elderly, stress management, life changes or workplace pressure, referrals to local financial or legal resources, maintaining physical health, mindfulness and more. The service is confidential, independent, and impartial, and also made available to Associate family members.

AniCura Sweden introduced mental coaches
AniCura Sweden has trained about 55 Associates in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) which provided tools to help and support a person in case of an emergency until professional help arrives. AniCura Sweden’s MHFA trained Associates have learned about the most common psychiatric diagnoses, various signs of mental suffering, how to respond, and where to turn for further help and support.
MHFA is a research-based concept developed in Australia in 2000 and is available in 27 countries. In Sweden,the concept is validated and adapted to Swedish conditions by Karolinska Institute, Solna University, Sweden and National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention.

AniCura the Netherlands introduced a new working condition package
AniCura the Netherlands has implemented a new working condition package focusing on personal development. Here, the Associate’s competencies are documented and training courses set up in accordance with the desired development plan in AniCura’s organization.