Focus on an Ethical Dilemma

Brachycephalic (flat faced) pets are predisposed to special conditions and diseases which can be challenging for veterinarians and nurses. To increase awareness and knowledge in this area and address ethical dilemmas, AniCura MIG Congress 2021 was dedicated to these pets.

The theme for the AniCura Medical Interest Group Congress 2021 was “Brachycephalic dogs and cats”. 27 AniCura experts within 14 different medical fields shared their knowledge and insights on special conditions in brachycephalic pets. The digital event generated significant engagement with 825 participating AniCura Associates as well as frequent use of the recorded lectures.
All speakers signed an agreement which was subsequently accepted as an official AniCura statement. You can read details below.
This congress, including the official AniCura statement, shapes the future of veterinary care and takes the next step towards a better world for pets, especially for brachycephalic pets.

AniCura Official Statement: Brachycephalic Pets

  • Individual patients and their owners are given the best possible care in AniCura’s clinics and hospitals, regardless of breed. We aim to give each patient the best possible medical outcome, within the framework of good animal welfare.
  • AniCura encourages healthy and ethical breeding. Regarding brachycephalic breeds specifically, we advise against breeding animals with clinical symptoms that are known, or are strongly suspected, to be related to a brachycephalic conformation.
  • We will support breeding only when we can expect healthy offspring and when we can expect a natural delivery. Insemination must not be performed to overcome a physical inability to breed naturally.
  • In marketing, AniCura uses images of breeds that are associated with good health and welfare, with good function and the ability to practice natural behavior. Exceptions are situations where specific health conditions are illustrated.