More nurses needed

Due to the limited education facilities for nurses in Italy, AniCura Italy initiated a training program for this profession. Data sharing between clinics was a key part of the program which involved several issues such as pet nutrition, customer satisfaction, pharmaceuticals, infection prevention and control.

In Italy, there is no institutional education for veterinary nurses. Moreover, local regulations do not favor the employment of nurses over veterinarians so the ratio nurses to veterinarians is as low as 1:12. This is radically different from other countries and makes the nursing profession rare and highly valued.
AniCura Italy has started a training program for nurses which provides tools for the participants to develop and grow. 46 nurses took part in the training.   

I never had the chance before to share my thoughts and ideas with other nurses since I am the only one in my clinic. It was nice and encouraging to share and get to know new colleagues! 

The main topics covered in the program are: pet nutrition, how to handle medications and drugs, economics, waste management, how to meet pet owners’ needs and infection prevention and control.