AniCura Germany Facilitates Pet Adoption

Over 300,000 animals need new homes in Germany every year. That is why AniCura Germany has been supporting, a non-profit platform for pet adoption.
- We would like to express our sincere gratitude to AniCura for supporting this highly important project and look forward to long-termcooperation and partnership, says Daniel Meddings, veterinarian

Since animal shelters are often chronically overburdened, the need for relief and support is very high. Therefore, veterinarian Daniel Medding founded a platform in 2012 to help animal shelters find homes for needy animals and to significantly simplify the adoption process for people looking for pets. Via, animal shelters can easily present their animals to a wide audience with a descriptive profile and photos. When a person searching for a pet finds a suitable animal, he or she contacts the animal shelter directly via the platform to get to know the animal. If everything fits, the adoption process is initiated by the shelter. Almost 10,000 shelter animals, mainly dogs and cats, find new homes this way every year.

Tierheimhelden is the official and exclusive partner for digital shelter animal adoptions of the German Animal Welfare Association (Deutscher Tierschutzbund) and is completely free of charge for animal shelters and pet owners. Therefore, the organization relies on stable partnerships and is financed through donations and sponsors.