AniCura Sweden Supports Underprivileged Pet Owners’ Pets

Underprivileged people, such as the homeless, cannot always prioritize veterinary care for their pets. Faktumdagen* (“Faktum day”) is a yearly event sponsored by AniCura Västra Djursjukhuset, which offers free care and treatment for these pets.

For the 13th consecutive year, AniCura Västra Djursjukhuset in Sweden arranged “Faktumdagen” in which underprivileged pet owners received free care for their cat or dog. A total of 36 clients seized the opportunity and visited AniCura Västra Djursjukhuset. The pets were examined, treated, vaccinated and surgery was undertaken if needed.

The pet owners were given Swedish “fika” (coffee and cake). An estimated 18,000 people are homeless in Sweden. Some of them have their animal as their only companion. Veterinary visits and animal insurance are typically not a priority. AniCura therefore opens the hospital to provide free health examinations and advice to this group of pet owners.

AniCura Västra Djursjukhuset Faktum Fund accepts donations of any amount to support underprivileged pet owners all year.