AniPlan - Sign up for the Good Life

Preventive Health Care programs like AniPlan help pet owners budget for their pet’s needs. AniPlan is one of AniCura’s main focuses in preventive care and it has grown consistently, with 40% more pets on plans in the past year.

AniPlan provides structured planning of visits to the veterinary clinics, including routine vaccinations, yearly nose to tail checkups, parasite control, nutrition guidance and more. It is ultimately about providing peace of mind for the owner by giving the best preventive care for their pet. With more frequent visits to veterinary clinics, pet owners will be given the time to discuss topics of concern or interest regarding their pet’s specific needs. The veterinarian is thus able to guide the pet owner regarding what is relevant for them and their pets in relation to their own circumstances.


Tour de AniCura Norway
A campaign to increase focus on preventive care through AniPlan and good nutritional recommendations was launched in Norway last year. Tour de AniCura also encouraged clinics to focus on continuous improvement through clinical audits of journals. AniCura Ekeberg is one of the clinics that have increased the number of AniPlan-members the most during this campaign, resulting in over 30% more pets being vaccinated there.


Happy Faces when Rolling Out the New AniPlan Offering in AniCura the Netherlands
A harmonized AniPlan for AniCura Netherlands including AniPlan Puppy and Kitten was relaunched in 2021. With these two new health programs, all stages of the pet’s life are covered. In addition, a laboratory module was introduced with urine- and blood analyses for early detection of diseases in dogs and cats.