Introducing QualiCura 2.0

AniCura’s quality program, QualiCura, was established in 2015 and updated in 2021 to consist of 14 instead of 9 focus areas with both medical and organizational quality standards. The adjustments align well with Mars Veterinary Health and the upgraded program was rolled out in AniCura Netherlands in 2021.

Each area includes both medical and organizational quality standards, where clinics annually assess how they comply with these standards. Basic standards are the minimum standards that all AniCura clinics must meet. In addition, there are 16 aspirational standards to which the clinics may strive. In total, 37 are basic and 16 aspirational standards.

QualiCura 2.0 rollout in the Netherlands

In total, 50 clinics have implemented the program, whereby these clinics followed the three educational seminars where all the standards were explained, and subsequently documented all procedures for the basic standards. The clinics were then audited twice, one internally and one externally by Lloyds. All 50 clinics meet the basic standards.

The video below presents one of our participating clinics. 

The complete list of focus areas:

  • Encouraging professional development and specialization
  • Creating and sharing medical best practices
  • Improving professional communication skills
  • Providing reliable diagnostic medicine
  • Ensuring wiser antimicrobial use
  • Monitoring surgical site infections
  • Securing proper infection prevention and control
  • Enabling good incident handling
  • Promoting patient medical record quality
  • Setting the structure
  • Enhancing client experience
  • Working on a sustainable world
  • Facilitating functional premises
  • Guaranteeing safe medicines