Nutrition Engagement - through measuring of body condition score

As veterinary care becomes more specialized and complex, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of the full cycle of care. Therefore, preventive care is an integral part of AniCura’s strategy, both to prevent illness in the first place and also to prevent relapse after treatment and safeguard that each pet gets a life as long and healthy as possible.

It is challenging to measure preventive care since it occurs before a problem or disease arises. Through increased focus on Measuring Patient Outcome (MPO), we can improve clinical outcome and monitor the effect of preventive and supportive care. Some examples of outcomes are quality of life, improved post-surgery care or decreased disease occurrence.

By measuring patient outcomes, the clinical result, the customer’s experiences, the patient’s quality of life, the clinical team’s effort, and the balance between them are brought together. A holistic overview of this cycle combined with standardized measures will help us in the long term to determine, evaluate, and understand areas in need of improvement, highlight our successes and most importantly improve patients’ lives.

One example of integrating measurable indicators of quality of life and preventive care is implementation of Body Condition Scoring (BSC) into our veterinary record-keeping systems. This will be piloted through the Practice Management System (PMS) used by all clinics in AniCura Denmark.

It will track and help overweight patients and measure improvements as well as comorbidities in an organized manner. It will also act as a reminder to integrate nutritional assessment into every consultation, as recommended by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). In the future a harmonized PMS throughout AniCura will enable more of these measurements on a larger scale, with client surveys and long-term follow ups.

Through AniCura’s health plan, AniPlan, communication with pet owners is further developed and gives better insight and deeper understanding of patient and pet owner satisfaction, an integral part of the MPO process.