Software System helps Organize Daily Practice

In AniCura Germany, a digital document management system was introduced to help the clinics work with AniCura best practice standards and national regulations.

AniCura’s clinics in Germany use a document management system for digital manuals. The central German team publishes documents and manuals on topics such as infection prevention and control, work safety, data protection and radiation security. Templates are also created, giving each clinic the opportunity to create its own manual according to best practice standards without having to work out the topics from scratch. In the software system, there are templates to make the manual look appealing and clear, as well as documents that can be used for training with videos.
In the system, documents can be linked, kept up to date and in a clear, transparent structure. Reminders can be created without effort for groups of persons and different professions. In addition, organizational charts and processes can be displayed graphically. Finally, the Associates find the software user-friendly and intuitive to use, making this system optimal for knowledge acquisition with all information in one place and, most of all, it is time-saving for all users!