The AniCura App: a Great Aid in Preventive Care

AniCura’s digital veterinary services as the AniCura app continue to grow, and increase in importance in terms of strengthening our digital-physical presence. The app increases the wellbeing of our pets, providing easier access to veterinary care and serving as a flexible workplace for our Associates.

Observations show that the AniCura app increases access to and lowers the cost of veterinary care, leading to pet owners seeking advice at an earlier stage. No questions are too big or small when using the app.
The app is also a great tool and an easy-to-use channel for pets and pet owners that have already been treated at the clinic. The app provides smooth, quick, and easy follow-ups, which in turn can improve compliance and health outcomes. This helps provide a sense of security, not only for the pet owners but also for our veterinarians.
The app is becoming an increasingly important central hub for both pet owners and our clinics. By creating a central channel for communications, processes are streamlined which increases productivity at clinics and ensures that pets in need of a physical visit get to the right clinic, at the right time. In 2021, AniCura increased collaboration between the app and clinics. One added feature was to make the app an easy choice for pet owners already in the clinic’s phone queue for our physical clinics.