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More Efficient Lighting in AniCura Italy

Replacements of lights with low-energy units, old heating and cooling systems, resulted in reduced energy cost, improved indoor environment and lower greenhouse gas emission.

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AniCura Updates Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The AniCura Code of Conduct was added to AniCura’s procurement platform in 2021. Suppliers are obligated to consent to this code. This is one example of how AniCura openly shares its values and principles, as well as ethical and environmental standards.

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AniCura Stroowaert Leads Sustainability

When Anton Fennema, practice manager at AniCura Stroowaert in the Netherlands, built the clinic, he aimed for sustainable solutions like low energy consumption, sorting of waste, wiser use of antibiotics and a natural preserved meadow area on the premises.

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AniCura France Introduced Sustainability Awards

To generate new ideas around sustainability, AniCura France has challenged clinics by creating an AniCura Sustainability Award.

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Sustainable Ways of Cleaning and disinfecting

Infection prevention and control play a major role in the safety of patients and Associates. In addition to hand hygiene, clean surfaces are essential to prevent indirect transmission of infectious agents.

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Wiser antimicrobial use gains further momentum

Antimicrobial resistance is spreading throughout the globe and is called the silent pandemic. To minimize unnecessary use of antibiotics, and thereby participate in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, AniCura is measuring its use of systemic antibiotics for the 6th year.

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