AniCura France Introduced Sustainability Awards

To generate new ideas around sustainability, AniCura France has challenged clinics by creating an AniCura Sustainability Award.

The award concept was for each clinic to voluntarily choose one sustainability project to represent the clinic. Projects were described to all French Associates. Each clinic could vote on the project they preferred. All ideas were gathered and shared between clinics.
As a result, participating clinics contributed to a better world for pets and humans.
4 clinics took part in the first edition, but every French clinic voted. The award thus successfully created engagement on a crucial topic for French Associates.


"The aim of this project was to support clinics to better communicate on sustainability, generate new ideas, share best practices between clinics and reinforce team cohesion."
Ludovic Talon, AniCura Marketing Manager, France


And the winner is…

The first award was given to AniCura Aquivet France. Nathaniel Harran is a veterinarian working in this clinic and is in charge of this project. He says:
“We are very proud that our hospital received this award!
AniCura Aquivet has been engaged in sustainability for many months.
Recently, we have started to consider how we could reuse the hair of cats and dogs.
The project we support aims to create a network for recovering hair from dogs and cats in the area of Bordeaux, including veterinary clinics and groomers. Instead of throwing the hair away, it is now collected.
We have learnt that an association called Octopus is interested in hair to manufacture hair mats. Hair in these hair mats captures hydrocarbons in seas and rivers and thus cleans up the planet.
By supporting Octopus, we contribute to improving the environment.
We would now love to onboard as many AniCura clinics in France as possible on this project so we all act locally, together.”