AniCura Stroowaert Leads Sustainability

When Anton Fennema, practice manager at AniCura Stroowaert in the Netherlands, built the clinic, he aimed for sustainable solutions like low energy consumption, sorting of waste, wiser use of antibiotics and a natural preserved meadow area on the premises.

Anton Fennema shares his strategy for achieving a sustainable clinic:
“AniCura Stroowaert received a sustainability award for its environmental efforts. We just celebrated 10 years, but our story starts long ago. When I built that hospital, I asked for advice from an expert in energy saving which prompted us to invest in:

  • 150 solar panels on our roof
  • ventilation that saves energy by warming the air that comes in with the air that goes out.
  • good isolation

“In front of our clinic, we decided not to make a garden. We left it as it was, with grass and flowers just growing wild. Twice a year we mow the meadow and we remove the biomass so the biodiversity will be enhanced by impoverishment of the soil. In addition, we have a nesting box for the common kestrel.
When we talk about investments for our practice, sustainability is always a topic. Next year we hope to replace all our lights with LED units. The journey never ends!”


In our daily work we try to keep our footprint as low as possible. For example:

  • Sorting our waste at source to facilitate recycling. Even packages with both plastic and paper such as disposable syringes and needles are sorted, Hence, both plastic and paper can be recycled. Paper goes to the local soccer club to support them because they get money for it.
  • We specifically choose materials which can be recycled. We now have plastic covers for our surgical patients and not covers containing polyvinyl chlorid (PCV).
  • We try to use fewer antibiotics and pharmaceuticals if whenever possible.