More Efficient Lighting in AniCura Italy

Replacements of lights with low-energy units, old heating and cooling systems, resulted in reduced energy cost, improved indoor environment and lower greenhouse gas emission.

The main advance has been put in place in AniCura Istituto Veterinario di Novara: a real energy transformation. The entire lighting system has been transformed from neon to led with 200 lamps replaced with 350 LED lamps. Energy consumption has been reduced by over 50% and the work environment has improved for our Associates due to better lighting 24 hours per day. Moreover, there will be no need for at least the next 5 years to replace the lamps because this is how long they are guaranteed to operate. This also means a huge reduction in waste since previous lamps were often out of order and needed frequent replacement.
Furthermore, the heating and air conditioning system will be converted from GPL to solar energy so pollution will no longer be a concern; this will happen before the end of the year.  
AniCura Malpensa is now fully equipped with a modern heating and cooling system, insulated for better efficiency as well as LED lights throughout the clinic.